Thursday, March 31, 2005

On Terri Schiavo 

Looking back, this entire issue was something that never deserved the spotlight as much as it did. This is a decision that happens each and every day, in the lives of hundreds of American families. While the sad upside to the drama that has ensued is the the focus on living wills, it's a bit of cold comfort.

What disappoints me the most is how much this exposes the conservative tendency to twist every situation to fit their needs. While this case did have some merit as a study in the technicalities of guardianship, the bandwagon came along and made it all about abortion. The reckless disregard for facts shown by those accsuing Michael Schiavo of murder or abuse simply underscore the point.

I feel bad for the Schindler family, mostly for losing their daughter, who they clearly love. But in the end, I can't have any sympathy for a family that would turn around and look to make a quick buck off of the situation. It's bad enough that other organizations have tried to make financial hay of the situation by tying themselves to it. But for the family to sell their mailing list? It just makes you question their motivations, somewhat.

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