Friday, June 25, 2004

Like Shooting F***ing Fish In A F***ing Barrel 

You know, it's not every day the Vice President drops the F-bomb on the floor of the Senate.
"Fuck yourself," said the man who is a heartbeat from the presidency.
I also enjoy the follow by Howie Kurtz, talking to Post editor Len Downie about it. He also recounts some of the other profane highlights of Cheney's career.

I love it. I want these guys to stupid stuff like this as much as possible. These are your great leaders. These are your noble statesmen. Talking, by the way, to another American.

I can't imagine why everyone in the world hates us.

Still Alive, Still Rambling 

Yes, I am still alive, though I would guess most of you have abandoned me by now.

Anyway - I have added a new blog to my blogroll, Political Aims by the estimable Amy Sullivan. She rocks my world, by doing pretty much what I set out to do, only with more intelligence. We see that hasn't stopped me, though.

I was watching President Clinton on Larry King last night, and had a realization. For all of the accusations slung at Bush by those of us on the left, we have NEVER accused him of murdering his best friend. When Clinton and King talked about the Vince Foster stuff, it really blew me away.

For all of the talk out of the rightwing about being hateful towards Bush, I think the much clearer example of vitriolic spew came from those very people. I know this is a belabored point, but it doesnt get made enough. We criticize Bush's policies and decisions that relate to the nation. They criticized everything BUT Clinton's policies, because they led to peace and prosperity.

Go see Fahrenheit 9/11 NOW. Then, if you haven't already, or even if you have, go watch Roger & Me. Do it. Be reminded why we are the good guys.

Monday, June 07, 2004

On Reagan and Sickness 

First off, sorry for the slow posting. I'm shut in with a nasty little cold.

So, Reagan. To say I am a fan of the guy would be a lie. I am, of course sorry for his family and his close friends. Death always sucks, aside from politics.

But, before the beatification begins, I think we need to recognize a few things (mostly coutesy of the Kos, for which my affinity knows no bounds):

1) He was popular, but not that popular.

2) He turned his back on the AIDS crisis in America when so much could have been prevented.

3) He was, essentially, the instigator of the predecessor groups to the modern Islamic terror organizations, and also of Saddam Hussein.

4) He ran the deficit through the roof, putting the country in debt it is still trying to pay off.

And, as was mentioned today at Daily Kos:

Likely relevant this week, check out this Bob Somerby debunking of the shrill "Democrats politicized the Paul Wellstone memorial" attacks built on lies upon lies by people who obviously didn't watch the event.
Republicans were outraged -- outraged! -- that political discussions would seep into a memorial service. Well, they set the standards. It'll be our job to hold them to those standards.
That said, death is never good.

But the guy was a lousy President.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I've Finally Made It 

Hey y'all who are stopping in by way of my recent induction into the Rocky Top Brigade. It would appear that I am a "made" blogger, at least in Volunteer State circles.

Thanks to South Knox Bubba for the membership and for keeping up the list.

Hope y'all enjoy reading, and leave some comments if you feel inspired.

Nattering Nabobs of Negativity 

I love America. I love Apple Pie and Moms and Unborn Fetuses. I love the Pledge of Allegiance and I love the idea of making God Bless America the new national anthem.

You know what I don't love? Negativity. Why must the Bush campaign be so cynical about things in the world these days? Surely it isn't because the Bush administration has let their negative view of everyone who isn't, well, them mess things up so badly they have to lie about it, right?
Scott Reed, who ran Robert J. Dole's presidential campaign that year, said the Bush campaign has little choice but to deliver a constant stream of such negative charges. With low poll numbers and a volatile situation in Iraq, Bush has more hope of tarnishing Kerry's image than promoting his own.

"The Bush campaign is faced with the hard, true fact that they have to keep their boot on his neck and define him on their terms," Reed said. That might risk alienating some moderate voters or depressing turnout, "but they don't have a choice," he said.

Well, maybe that is true. But certainly they will own up to their tactics, in an honest political way.
One constant theme of the Bush campaign is that Kerry is "playing politics" with Iraq, terrorism and national security. Earlier this month, Bush-Cheney Chairman Marc Racicot told reporters in a conference call that Kerry suggested in a speech that 150,000 U.S. troops are "universally responsible" for the misdeeds of a few soldiers at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison -- a statement the candidate never made. In that one call, Racicot made at least three variations of this claim and the campaign cut off a reporter who challenged him on it.

Well, looks like they can't even admit when they are lying and being negative.

I'm just glad I support the candidate who lies less often about his opponent.
But Bush has outdone Kerry in the number of untruths, in part because Bush has leveled so many specific charges (and Kerry has such a lengthy voting record), but also because Kerry has learned from the troubles caused by Al Gore's misstatements in 2000. "The balance of misleading claims tips to Bush," Jamieson said, "in part because the Kerry team has been more careful."

I hate Bush. But I hate Kerry less.

It would seem I am not alone.

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